WashingtonElementary School

Community School Information

Nicholas Valentini, Community School Coordinator

Phone: 484-765-4940 | Email: [email protected]

Our Vision

Washington Elementary School will become community space where parents, students, and neighbors share skills, knowledge, and resources to build power and unleash potential. We’re committed to becoming the hub of our neighborhood by working alongside local organizations and families to redefine the limits of what a school can be!

What does CISLV do?

Every community school has a key partner organization that supports all of the school’s needs. COMMUNITIES IN SCHOOLS OF THE GREATER LEHIGH VALLEY (CISLV) is our PARTNER! CISLV is here to share in leadership and decision making, monitor student and family needs, and then respond with continuous support of enriching academics for all students, a positive school environment, as well as assisting in the delivery of extended day programs and services that specifically target literacy, parental engagement, and safety!
The Community School Initiative is funded in part by the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley – a Community Building Partnership of Lehigh and Northampton Counties! We’re bringing together individuals and organizations in the Lehigh Valley around the common goal of improving education for all students in the area by implementing the Community School Model of school leadership.

How can I get involved?

Get to know what your child is doing in school. Share your views – what is working? What could we do better? Help with homework; check the school activities calendar, join the PTA! Support parents, mentor students, help start an after-school program; volunteer your time in one of our programs; help us find needed funding for enrichment programs!
Maybe your time is limited, we respect that. If you have the means, make a material donation!